This resource library contains material on Food and Nutrition Security in Namibia,

while some helpful global nutrition resources can be found here.

Should you be aware of any helpful resource material that is not yet part of this library, please contact us, so we can include it.

How to breastfeed your babyMoHSS and UNICEF brochure for pregnant women and families with infants.2020Information/education/communicationInfant and young child feeding.pdf
How to feed a baby after 6 monthsMoHSS and UNICEF brochure for pregnant women and families with children under 2 years of age.2020Information/education/communicationInfant and young child feeding.pdf
Nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeedingMoHSS and UNICEF brochure on maternal nutrition for pregnant and breastfeeding women.2020Information/education/communicationInfant and young child feeding.pdf
Counselling flipchart: maternal nutrition & infant and young child feedingMoHSS and UNICEF flipchart for counseling of pregnant women and caretakers of children under 2 years of age by facility-based and community health workers2020Information/education/communicationInfant and young child feeding.pdf
Namibia nutrition briefBrief on nutritional status and interventions from UNICEF2020Factsheet, brief, newsletterGeneral nutrition.pdf
Integrated Food Security Phase ClassificationOctober 2019-September 2019 IPC acute food insecurity analysis2020Monitoring/evaluation/surveillanceGeneral nutrition.pdf
Namibian School Feeding Policy Implementation Action Plan2019-2024 Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture plan2019Policy/strategy/planSchool nutrition.pdf
Namibia School Feeding PolicyMinistry of Education, Arts and Culture school feeding policy2019Policy/strategy/planSchool nutrition.pdf
Livelihoods and food, nutrition security monitoring assessment reportOctober 2018 - April 2019 monitoring from Office of the Prime Minister Directorate Disaster Risk Management2019Monitoring/evaluation/surveillanceGeneral nutrition.pdf
Factsheet on nutritionFactsheet on nutrition in Namibia compiled by Development Initiatives Poverty Research2019Factsheet, brief, newsletterGeneral nutrition.pdf
Training manual for cooks in soup kitchens, communal kitchens, school kitchensTraining manual from NamChefs2019Guidelines and trainingGeneral nutrition.pdf
Nutrition songSong promoting good nutrition by popular artist Kalux et al2019Information/education/communicationGeneral
Drought Response PlanOffice of the Prime Minister Plan for Disaster Risk Management2019Policy/strategy/planEmergency response.pdf
Assessment on impact of drought2016-17 MoHSS assessment on impact of drought on people living with HIV, orphans and vulnerable children, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, children under five years in Namibia2018Study/survey/researchGeneral nutrition.pdf
Participatory rapid assessment of integrated early childhood development programmes among San communities in NamibiaReport prepared by Namibia University of Science and Technology for multiple ministries that includes information on nutrition and food2017Study/survey/researchGeneral nutrition.pdf
Report on the study to determine the magnitude of obesity and physical activity among school children aged 8-11 years in Windhoek, Khomas RegionMoHSS study from data collected in 20142017Study/survey/researchOver-nutrition.pdf
Evaluation of the Namibian Community Health Workers ProgrammeMoHSS study with support from UNICEF and USAID on community health workers, a cadre of workers with multiple responsibilities related to nutrition2017Monitoring/evaluation/surveillanceGeneral nutrition.pdf
What Parliamentarians can do about malnutritionUNICEF document advocating action by Parliamentarians2017Factsheet, brief, newsletterGeneral nutrition.pdf
Namibia zero hunger newsletterJanuary-June 2017 newsletter on implementation of the zero hunger roadmap2017Factsheet, brief, newsletterGeneral nutrition.pdf
National Multisectoral Strategic Plan for Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases in Namibia2017/18-2021/22 plan from MoHSS2017Policy/strategy/planOver-nutrition.pdf
Memorandum of Understanding on Nutrition Pre-Service ProgrammeUNICEF and Namibia University of Science and Technology MoU on nutrition bachelor's degree programme2017Project/agreementGeneral nutrition.pdf
Evaluation of the Baby and Mother Friendly Initiative in NamibiaJ. Amadhila dissertation U. of S. Africa2017Study/survey/researchInfant and young child feeding.pdf
Suitability of marama bean flour to formulate ready-to-use therapeutic food: ash content and physico-chemical propertiesB. Aebes research proposal for honours degree U. of Namibia2017Study/survey/researchHealth sector nutrition services.doc
Namibia Zero Hunger Road Map2016-2020 multisectoral plan to address malnutrition2016Policy/strategy/planGeneral nutrition.pdf
Namibia strategic review of food and nutrition securityEvaluation of progress on Zero Hunger and Sustainable Development Goal 2 by OPM, Min. of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare, and the National Planning Commission with support from WFP2016Monitoring/evaluation/surveillanceGeneral nutrition.pdf
Gazette No 5740Public and Environmental Health Act that covers marketing of breastmilk substitutes2015Law/regulationsInfant and young child feeding.pdf
Survey report on formative assessment of infant and young child feeding and care practices in Namibia2014/15 MoHSS comprehensive study on IYCF2015Study/survey/researchInfant and young child feeding.pdf
Fortification potential of Mahangu at the level of service and small-scale commercial millersDraft report for NAFIN prepared by CRIAA SA-DC2015Study/survey/researchFood fortification.doc
Namibia Food Safety PolicyMinistry of Agriculture Water and Forestry policy2014Policy/strategy/planFood safety.pdf
Namibia: mapping of schistosomiasis and soil transmitted helminthsMoHSS et al report that includes information on worms that cause anaemia2014Study/survey/researchHealth sector nutrition services.pdf
Local and global guidance for improved delivery of routine services for supporting optimal infant feedingMoHSS, UNICEF, PATH report focused on services delivered through the health sector for the 1st 1000 days2014Policy/strategy/planInfant and young child feeding.doc
Multisectoral Nutrition Implementation Plan2012/13-2015/16 Namibia Alliance for Improved Nutrition (NAFIN) Multisectoral nutrition implementation plan, results framework and dashboard of indicators2013Policy/strategy/planGeneral nutrition.pdf
Review of nutrition assessment, counselling, and support (NACS) service implementation in NamibiaMoHSS et al report on programme to measure nutritional status and provide nutritional support2013Monitoring/evaluation/surveillanceHealth sector nutrition services.pdf
Nutrition guidelines for prevention and management of non-communicable diet related diseasesMoHSS guidelines focused on disease caused by overnutrition2013Guidelines and trainingOver-nutrition.pdf
The Namibian School Feeding Programme transition case studyMinistry of Education and WFP documentation of school feeding programme from 1991-20122012Monitoring/evaluation/surveillanceSchool nutrition.pdf
Strategic Plan for Nutrition2011-2015 Ministry of Health and Social Services national nutrition plan2011Policy/strategy/planGeneral nutrition.pdf
National guidelines on infant and young child feedingMoHSS guidelines for age-appropriate infant and young child feeding2011Guidelines and trainingInfant and young child feeding.pdf
Talk to me about breastfeedingMoHSS brochure on breastfeeding2011Information/education/communicationInfant and young child feeding.pdf
Nutrition assessment, counselling and support for PLHIVMoHSS operational guidelines of nutrition service for people living with HIV2010Guidelines and trainingHealth sector nutrition services.pdf
Managing diet related symptoms of HIVMoHSS brochure on nutrition and HIV2010Information/education/communicationHealth sector nutrition services.pdf
Preventing infection and staying healthyMoHSS brochure that includes food safety2010Information/education/communicationFood safety.pdf
Good hygiene keeps you healthyMoHSS poster that includes food safety with focus on HIV2010Information/education/communicationFood safety.pdf
Algorithms for nutrition assessment and classificationJob aids for health workers working on management of acute malnutrition2010Guidelines and trainingHealth sector nutrition
Gazette No 3971Labour Act that covers maternity leave2007Law/regulationsInfant and young child feeding.pdf
Nutrition information in Namibia: situation analysis and way forwardMoHSS, Tulane Uni., UNICEF report and plan on nutrition surveillance2006Policy/strategy/planNutrition information.pdf
National Policy on IYCFMinistry of Health and Social Services policy on infant and young child feeding2003Policy/strategy/planInfant and young child feeding.pdf
An assessment of the status of the San in NamibiaReport from Legal Assistance Centre that was part of the Regional Assessment of the Status of the San in Southern Africa 2001Study/survey/researchGeneral nutrition.pdf
Nationwide follow-up survey on iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) in Namibia1998/99 MoHSS nationwide school-based survey that was a follow-up survey to the 1992 survey to inform the salt iodisation programme.2001Study/survey/researchMicronutrients.pdf
Food and nutrition guidelines for NamibiaGuidelines on food choices for a health life prepared for National Food Security and Nutrition Council2000Guidelines and trainingGeneral nutrition.pdf
Gazette No 883Law on salt iodisation1994Law/regulationsFood fortification.pdf
Iodine deficiency disorders and data on the status of vitamin A and ironMoHSS, ICCIDD, UNICEF school-based survey report and data on micronutrient deficiencies1992Study/survey/researchMicronutrients.pdf
Best breastfeeding practicesMoHSS poster on breastfeeding0000/UnknownInformation/education/communicationInfant and young child feeding.pdf
Facts about worms and worm controlMoHSS brochure that includes information on soil transmitted helminths0000/UnknownInformation/education/communicationHealth sector nutrition services.pdf
Bilharzia and intestinal wormsMoHSS poster on worms0000/UnknownInformation/education/communicationHealth sector nutrition services.pdf
Growing food in Windhoek: Urban agriculture policy and practiceWorld Future Council document covering various aspects of growing food in Windhoek0000/UnknownFactsheet, brief, newsletterAgriculture,pdf
Seed Policy Namibia (2013)Seed Policy Namibia (2013)2013Law/regulationsAgriculturepdf
Seeds and Seeds varieties Act No. 23 of 2018Seeds and Seeds varieties Act No. 23 of 20182018Law/regulationsAgriculturepdf
Food & Nutrition - Training of Trainers Manual for EducatorsGIZ Namibia - Training Manual for Nutrition Educators in Namibia, including Pictures and Handouts to be used2018Guidelines and trainingNutrition Awarenesspdf
Food Groups, Meal Planning & Food HygieneGIZ Namibia (F4R Project) - Information Leaflet2020Information/education/communicationNutrition Awarenesspdf
Moringa OleiferaGIZ Namibia (F4R Project) - Information Leaflet on use and seeds2020Factsheet, brief, newsletterNutrition Awarenesspdf
Composting - How to do itNAFSAN Poster2021Information/education/communicationAgriculturepdf
Urban Gardening - using an Organic Permaculture approach NAFSAN & Eloolo Permaculture Initiative - Poster (online version)2021Information/education/communicationAgriculturepdf
Urban Gardening - using an Organic Permaculture approachNAFSAN & Eloolo Permaculture Initiative - Poster (high res print version)2021Information/education/communicationAgriculturepdf
Nutrition and Food Safety during COVID-19 - Poster (English)NAFSAN & MoHSS2020Information/education/communicationNutrition Awarenesspdf
Nutrition and Food Safety during COVID-19 - Brochure (English)NAFSAN & MoHSS2020Information/education/communicationNutrition Awarenesspdf
Food and Nutrition PolicyGovernment of the Republic of Namibia1995Policy/strategy/planNutrition & Food Securitypdf
The Cost of Hunger in Africa, Namibia (COHA) - Full ReportGovernment of the Republic of Namibia, United Nations, GIZ Namibia, Namibia Statistics Agency2022Study/survey/researchNutrition & Food Securitypdf
The Cost of Hunger in Africa, Namibia (COHA) - Summary ReportGovernment of the Republic of Namibia, United Nations, GIZ Namibia, Namibia Statistics Agency2022Study/survey/researchNutrition & Food Securitypdf
Fill the Nutrient Gap, Namibia (FNG)Government of the Republic of Namibia, World Food Programme, GIZ Namibia2022Study/survey/researchNutrition & Food Securitypdf
Minimum Dietary Diversity for Women of Reproductive Age in Communal Areas of Namibia GIZ Namibia - Farming for Resilience (F4R) Project2022Study/survey/researchNutrition informationpdf