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NAFSAN is a member-based, non-profit alliance that empowers organisations, communities and individuals  with platforms, tools, skills, information and coordination mechanisms to jointly and effectively achieve food security and optimal nutrition for all.

Members of NAFSAN are Namibian Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Academic Institutions. Momentarily small, medium and larger Namibian Businesses (private sector) are also members of NAFSAN, until such a time that Namibia has established it's own Food and Nutrition Security Business Network, as outlined in a recent Presentation on: 'Coordinated Private Sector Engagement for Food and Nutrition Security in Namibia' during the National Food Systems Dialogues in August 2021.

UN Agencies, Government Institutions and International Organisations may become non-voting 'Institutional Supporters'.

Although NAFSAN is primarily an umbrella body for organisations, individuals may – under certain rather exceptional circumstances – also become members, if they have proven expertise in the area of Food and Nutrition Security and their individual membership would add significant value towards achieving NAFSAN's vision, mission and aims.

Benefits for Organisations to become members of NAFSAN will soon be outlined here…

Hence, NAFSAN offers two types of membership, one for organisations (=institutions, which is the most common form of membership) and one for individuals (which is the rare exception).

Institutions can become either “members" (with full voting rights) or “supporters" (without voting rights), as described in 3.2. of NAFSAN's Constitution. 

FYI - Organisations as Members

…according to NAFSAN’s Constitution, the following organizational membership options are possible:

3.2.1. Institutional Member
An Institutional Member can be any Namibian non-governmental legal entity, including a company, that is actively working on food security and nutrition and whose work is aligned to NAFSAN’s vision, mission and aims, and which is committed to work with and support NAFSAN. For the purpose of this Constitution, a Namibian state-owned enterprise can be an Institutional Member.

3.2.2. Institutional Supporter
A Government entity, UN agency and other international organization providing technical or financial support, may become an Institutional Supporter. Institutional Supporters may attend General Meetings as supportive non-voting guests. Representatives of Institutional Supporters may serve on the Advisory Council or Advisory Committees.

Membership Fees are determined based on type and size of an organization, on a sliding scale based on own assessment within the appropriate scale. Membership fee is due annually.
In appropriate cases, the Board may grant an exemption, reduction or deferral of payment of membership fees.

For more details, you can read NAFSAN’s Constitution here.

Individual Membership

…according to NAFSAN’s Constitution, there is also the exceptional option for individual membership:

3.2.3. Individual Member
a) Individual Members are the exception within NAFSAN, as the organisation is primarily an umbrella organisation for other organisations and institutions.  
b) An individual member can be any natural person who holds a degree in food science, nutrition science or a related field, has worked extensively on food security or nutrition in line with NAFSAN’s Vision, Mission and Aims, and whose individual membership would add significant value to NAFSAN and its work.
c) In order to become an individual member, interested individuals need to apply in writing, including a motivational letter, two reference letters, as well as certified copies of all relevant documents, such as ID and academic qualifications. Additional interviews may also be required. The Board then has to approve an individual membership, with at least two third of all Board members having to be in favour of the respective applicant for individual membership.
d) An individual who works for an Institutional Supporter may become an Individual Member in his or her personal capacity.

Membership Fees are determined on a case-by-case basis, and they are due annually.  In appropriate cases, the Board may grant an exemption, reduction or deferral of payment of such fees.
For more details,
you can read NAFSAN’s Constitution here.