In December 2021, the Namibian Government – spearheaded by the Office of the Prime Minister in partnership with UN Agencies and NAFSAN – successfully finalised and launched the revised National Food and Nutrition Security Policy, together with its Implementation Action Plan and an comprehensive Coordination Structure, which also clearly describes NAFSAN’s Role.

…you can download a Summary of the revised Food and Nutrition Security Policy that was developed for the launch here or view it by clicking on the images below.

NAFSAN and its members contribute to the coordination and implementation of this FNS-Policy by

  • proactively participating in all six Technical Working Groups,

  • supporting the work of the FNS Secretariat on national and sub-national levels, and

  • serving as co-opted member of the FNS Inter-Agency Steering Committee.

Overall FNS Coordination Structure

Working Groups within FNS Coordination Structure

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NAFSAN's role within Namibia’s Food and Nutrition Coordination Systems

by Mr Ben Schernick, Nutrition and Food Security Alliance of Namibia - ...CLICK HERE...

This talk by Mr Ben Schernick, from the Food and Nutrition Security Alliance of Namibia (NAFSAN) is part of: “Namibia’s Journey Towards Nutrition and Food Security" – A series of engagement talks to share insights, experiences and ideas on how to ensure optimal nutrition for everyone in Namibia.

On 21 April 2021, Mr Schernick, Director of NAFSAN and Social Worker by profession, started by sharing insights about the four key aspects of nutrition:

  1. Maternal & Child Care,
  2. Food Agriculture & Diets,
  3. Health, Water & Hygiene, and
  4. Social Protection.

He then provided a brief historical background of Namibia’s initial food and nutrition-related coordination mechanisms, such as the initial Food Security and Nutrition Council, which was formed in 1995, together with its accompanying policy framework.

He further explained why in 2010 the National Alliance for Improved Nutrition (NAFIN) was established, and how the Nutrition and Food Security Alliance of Namibia (NAFSAN) evolved out of NAFIN in October 2019, parallel to the Namibian Government revising its Food and Nutrition Security Council, Policy and Implementation Action Plan.

Mr. Schernick further elaborated on the roles and functions of NAFSAN, as well as on envisioned member organisations, whereby he stressed that NAFSAN is not an implementing organisation but rather an alliance (or ‘umbrella organisation’) that focuses on providing technical support, advice, and advocacy, and creating platforms and opportunities for networking, as well as providing support to its members and the general public.

His presentation was followed by a very brief Q&A session.

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Full Presentation Here

The following three presentations on the revised Policy, Action Plan and Coordination Structure were used during final Stakeholder Consultations in February-March 2021 where regional leadership, relevant government ministries and civil society representatives from all 14 regions were asked to  validate the content of these documents and to receive final feedback on necessary actions for overcoming malnutrition and ensuring food and
nutrition security in Namibia.