NAFSAN, together with its members and partners, is producing a variety of different media materials around Food and Nutrition Security in Namibia, starting in May 2020 with posters and brochures – available in twelve different Namibian languages – on “Nutrition and Food Safety during COVID-19".

In 2021, we started a series of Engagement Talks by key players in Namibia’s nutrition and food security landscape, who share their insights and experiences through TED-style talks.

All talks are being recorded and available as an evolving Video Library.

As an outcome of successful collaboration with the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN) and the Eloolo Permaculture Initiative, a practical guide and short videos on setting up and maintaining gardens in an urban way, following principles of Permaculture Gardening.

Based on recurring media coverage and concerns raised by members and partner organisations, NAFSAN – in collaboration with the Women’s Leadership Centre and the Economic and Social Justice Trust – recently compiled a critical Fact Sheet about ReconAfrica with the intention to allow for transparent, open and honest dialogue around whether Namibia should indeed invest in and allow for such exploration activities to take place, or not…

You can also hear and see more about NAFSAN’s concerns regarding the long-term economic viability of such oil explorations and threats to most of Namibia’s underground water system, which is not only vital for people’ survival but also a great ‘invisible resource’ for Namibia’s economy in the not so distant future. 

Click here to watch the video and/or here to read a key article in the National Geographic.