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GIZ Namibia’s Farming-for-Resilience project just launched this amazing cookbook with local, affordable and nutritious recipes from all over Namibia. All you need is a pot/pan & fire.

Click here or on the image above to download this practical culinary treasure, available in NAFSAN’s Resource Library.

With almost 60% of Namibians not being able to afford a sufficiently healthy diet, the World Food Day 2022 “Leave no one behind!" is more important than ever for Namibia.

NAFSAN will therefore join this year’s event in Uukwiyuushona Village, in the Oshana Region, while continuing to advocate for a Sugar Tax to encourage healthier diets, while also contributing to a Basic Income Grant for all Namibians to become a reality soon.

Exciting New Resources on Gardening & Nutrition here! –>

NAFSAN publicly expressed its concerns on OneAfricaTV about oil explorations in the diverse and sensitive Okavango Delta which is threatening Namibia’s rich Water Reserves and is raising concerns worldwide.

NAFSAN therefore helped putting together this fact sheet to foster dialogue and find a sustainable path to  socio-economic growth.

Join us on Thursday, 22 September at the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) in Windhoek for the Women & Agriculture Summit 2022click here to register.

NAFSAN will be present at the #NoOneIs LeftOutFestival by the BIG Coalition at Zoo Park in Windhoek on Saturday, 24 September 2022.

The Fill the Nutrient Gap analysis for Namibia is currently pending approval, with a preliminary Summary Report and findings related to Agriculture Supply and Food Fortification as well as Health, Social Protection and Education.

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NAFSAN has joined celebrations and awareness raising on Earth Day today (22 April) – hereby bringing attention to risks around current plans for fossil fuel extraction in Namibia, which may seem a bit anachronistic in the age of Climate Change.

In early 2022, NAFSAN in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Services and other stakeholders, conducted the SUN Joint Annual Assessment (2021) a summary of which – together with progress of other countries – will be available on the website of the Scaling-Up-Nutrition (SUN) Movement later this year.


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In addition to strengthening your Immune System through Nutrition, something else is extremely helpful during COVID-19 infections and while recovering: Breathing Exercises + Breathing – a home guide + Breath-work and Gentle Yoga Stretching for Recovery

You can also get involved here in one of Namibia’s Community Responses to the current Covid-Crisis.


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Our VISION is for everyone in Namibia to have the resources, knowledge and motivation to ensure food security and optimal nutritional status for themselves, and for all children in Namibia to be sufficiently well-nourished.