Focusing on improved Early Childhood Development is a game changer, as the First 1,000 Days (during pregnancy until 2-3 years of age) are a golden window of opportunity, where most of our physical, social, emotional, intellectual and cognitive development happens, and nutrition plays a key role.

In 2022, the Namibian Government in close collaboration with Unicef Namibia developed an ECD Curriculum and an ECD Resource Guide for Educarers, Parents, and Care-givers of Children in Namibia aged 0-2 years.

These documents are an invaluable addition to the already existing Early Childhood Curriculum Framework for Children aged 3-4 years, from 2013.

All documents are available here:

Miss Namibia 2019, Ms Nadja Breytenbach, highlights the importance of breastfeeding!

Namibian Musician KALUX, highlights how health and nutrition are key!