Focusing on improved Early Childhood Development is a game changer, as the First 1,000 Days (during pregnancy until 2-3 years of age) are a golden window of opportunity, where most of our physical, social, emotional, intellectual and cognitive development happens, and nutrition plays a key role.

In 2022, the Namibian Government in close collaboration with Unicef Namibia developed an ECD Curriculum and an ECD Resource Guide for Educarers, Parents, and Care-givers of Children in Namibia aged 0-2 years.

These documents are an invaluable addition to the already existing Early Childhood Curriculum Framework for Children aged 3-4 years, from 2013.

All documents are available here:

Miss Namibia 2019, Ms Nadja Breytenbach, highlights the importance of breastfeeding!

Namibian Musician KALUX, highlights how health and nutrition are key!

In addition, Thrive By Five is a free app for parents and caregivers – available also in Afrikaans and Oshiwambo that helps create positive habits through fun activities, while at the same time learning about why they are so good for you and your child.