NAFSAN is a member-based, non-profit alliance that empowers organisations, communities and individualsĀ  with platforms, tools, skills, information, and coordination mechanisms to jointly and effectively achieve food security and optimal nutrition for all.

Click & watch this animated presentation on how NAFSAN is set up and functions as a member-based organization.

Who can be a member of NAFSAN

Members of NAFSAN are Namibian Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Academic Institutions. For the moment, small, medium and larger Namibian Businesses (private sector) are also members of NAFSAN, until such a time that Namibia has established it’s own Food and Nutrition Security Business Network, as outlined in a Presentation on: ‘Coordinated Private Sector Engagement for Food and Nutrition Security in Namibia’ during the National Food Systems Dialogues in August 2021.

UN Agencies, Government Institutions and International Organisations may become non-voting ‘Institutional Supporters’.

Although NAFSAN is primarily an umbrella body for organisations, individuals may – under certain rather exceptional circumstances – also become members, if they have proven expertise in the area of Food and Nutrition Security and their individual membership would add significant value towards achieving NAFSAN’s vision, mission and aims.

Fee Structure for NAFSAN Membership is accessible by clicking here.