During the Covid-19 pandemic (Sept’20-June’21), NAFSAN implemented an Urban Gardening and Nutrition project in Windhoek’s informal settlements, with support from the global SUN Movement.

Our innovative approach combined urban permaculture gardening with interactive nutrition awareness – see Interim Progress Report (Jan’21).

Key Partners were the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia, supported by the Namibia Housing Action Group, who will now scale-up activities in other regions and communities across the country, as well as the Eloolo Permaculture Initiative, Leitago Digital, the University of Namibia, and the Namibia University of Science and Technology.

Step-by-Step Permaculture Gardening & Maintenance

This Step-by-Step Guide is also available as 5-part series of short clips, to be easily digested and shared via social media, such as WhatsApp.

With additional support from GIZ Namibia we were able to ‘harvest’ our experiences from this project and develop a practical Step-by-Step Gardening & Maintenance Guide¬†based on permaculture principles, as well as these two video clips on how to establish your home garden (step-by-step) and how to maintain your garden.¬†

Print-ready versions of this Gardening Guide can be downloaded here – and you can also contact us for hardcopies.

+ check out our Composting Tips!

This Maintenance Guide is also available as 4-part series of short clips, to be easily digested and shared via social media, such as WhatsApp.

Interactive Community Nutrition Awareness Sessions

During this project, NAFSAN also developed a highly interactive approach on raising nutrition awareness in communities – which over the last three years evolved into a comprehensive Nutrition-for-Health training.

In September 2020, we conducted a first Training-of-Trainers and nutrition awareness sessions were successfully facilitated in different communities in Windhoek’s informal settlements.

With support from GIZ Namibia’s Farming for Resilience (F4R) project and other key stakeholders we were able to further develop, design and pilot this approach. Finally in March 2023, the first Trainings-for-Facilitators took place.

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